Righteous Invasion of Truth (R.I.O.T) Campaign

This campaign captures the opportunity of targeting & saturating specific nations with the gospel, thereby transforming the lives of young people in these countries.

Through this campaign, the BLW Campus Ministry aims to increase the influence of the BLW Nation in higher institutions of learning in these Nations. It’s our unique opportunity to saturate these territories with our message; audio, visuals, books, and ministry apps.  It’s our strategy to impact young people in these territories with the unique mind set of the BLW Nation.

This year, we plan to have R.I.O.T Campaigns in several Nations of the world, Youth Technology Summit for raising next generation technology experts, and Youth Conferences in the nations of Uganda & Zimbabwe.


Seeding A Nation

(Ecc 4:9 TLB) “Two can accomplish more than twice as much as one, for the result can be much better”.

The seeding a nation initiative of the BLW Campus Ministry is a partnership opportunity aimed at expanding our growing impact in other continents, breaking new frontiers in unreached territories, through pioneering efforts aimed at establishing BLW Campus Fellowships in major tertiary institutions around the world.

In the year the 2016, the BLW Campus Ministry plans to pioneer 200 new fellowships in 18 countries of the world. They are: Russia, Samoa, Mauritius, Abu Dhabi, India, Bahrain, Democratic Republic of Congo, Belgium, Senegal, Seychelles, Ethiopia, Malawi, Cape Verde, Hawaii, Netherlands, Madagascar, Micronesia, & Brazil.


Scholarship Initiative

Our Man of God has thought us extensively on the need to empower & equip the youth in preparation for a glorious future. This has become a necessity for many young people who are unable to connect their present realities with optimistic dreams of the future.

The Campus Ministry Scholarship Program is a solution to the cry of many young people. This is a scholarship program that can be accessed by some of our undergraduates in the Campus Ministry that have some financial limitation in continuing their educational pursuit for a first degree. According to our man of God, ‘The first step to greatness is to hear the cry of the needy’, and that is exactly what our partners do through the BLW Campus Ministry Scholarship Program.

In the year 2015, we sponsored 21 students from 8 countries of the world. These students were given the opportunity to remain in school irrespective of their financial conditions. In this 2016, we plan to sponsor 100 students from different nations of the world. We are assured that through your partnership, we can do it!  Your partnership would give these young people the opportunity to receive the education that will enable them to engage in meaningful work & contribute as productive citizens in diverse societies.